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"Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we'll ever do."

Brene Brown


Individual Therapy: 

Being brave enough to decide to walk into a therapist's office is a huge deal. The population of clients that I work with have faced moments in their life that are incredibly difficult, whether self-inflicted or other causes. While my clinical training allows for me to treat a variety of issues; I have a passion in working with those that experience mood disorders and co-occurring disorders. 

Empirical research shows that psychotherapy is an integral part of successful mood disorder treatment. Even when symptoms are greatly alleviated through medication, psychotherapy improves outcomes–and for some clients, therapy alone can be effective. Through a combination of therapeutic modalities I can support you in investigating the underlying issues and experiences that may contribute to mood disorders, and help you establish new coping mechanisms in response to stressors. My goal is to guide you toward improved self-image, relief from suffering, and a greater ability to live an authentic life.

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